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Many schools and athletic associations recognize the potential oral trauma threat posed by contact sports and certain rigorous activities. This includes sports like hockey, football, and various pugilistic contests.

To help students and participants protect their mouth from oral trauma, many organizations require the use of a quality, protective mouth guard at all the appropriate times.

Should you fail to use your mouth guard and you suffer a hard blow to the face, the resulting damage to teeth and soft tissues will likely require emergency care from a qualified dentist like Dr. Lida M. Vargas.

If a tooth’s enamel layer has only suffered a small chip, Dr. Lida M. Vargas might be able to repair it with a simple amalgam or composite filling. A more serious dental fracture might recommend restoring the tooth’s enamel layer with a dental crown.

In a severe case where a tooth has been knocked out or cleaved near the gumline she might need to perform an emergency root canal or perform a total dental extraction.

Once the tooth has been effectively treated and any soft tissues damage has healed Dr. Lida M. Vargas and her team can help provide you with a custom mouth guard. This special mouthpiece will match the shape of your teeth and dentition to provide you with maximum protection, comfort, and ease of breathing to encourage necessary use.

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