An Overview of Oral Thrush

Do you have white incisions or a rash on your tongue and/or the walls of your cheeks? Are they raised and do they look at all like cottage cheese? If so, you may have an ailment referred to as oral thrush or oral candidiasis. This infection is caused by the yeast fungus candida, and it can impact your oral cavity and other parts of the body: women may suffer from vaginal infection, and infants can suffer from diaper rash. The disease most regularly impacts the elderly, infants and those with weaker immune systems.

Think it or not, you’re most likely sheltering the candida fungus in your body right now. The bacteria in your body regularly work alongside candida, but it can grow out of control when the levels of beneficial bacteria in your body diminish too much, which can happen when you’re taking antibiotics combatting diabetes or HIV, suffering from xerostomia or dealing with lots of other problems.

Left untreated, oral thrush can move to the esophagus and cause problems such as fever and difficulty swallowing. If you believe you might have thrush, it’s best to get it under control now. Please phone our office at 703-385-3800 to schedule your next checkup with Dr. Lida M. Vargas and the staff at Virginia Dental Group in Fairfax, Virginia. They’ll work with you to help you get any oral ailments you have under control.


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