How to Keep Tooth Decay at Bay

Tooth decay is one of the nation’s leading causes of tooth loss. Tooth decay is caused by cavities, which occur when bacteria in your mouth produce an acid that destroys your enamel and dentin, the layer directly beneath the enamel in your teeth.

So what are some ways you can prevent tooth decay and keep it from harming your oral health? Let’s take a look.

Sugarless gum

Chewing gum is hugely popular, but so is chewing gum loaded with sugar. If you’re a regular gum chewer, and you don’t chew sugarless, our team here at Virginia Dental Group recommends you make the switch. That constant exposure to sugar is terrible for your tooth health.

Use fluoride

There’s no reason to not incorporate fluoride toothpaste, and even supplements, in your oral health regimen. It’s proven to aid in the growth of baby teeth and prevent cavities in adult teeth. Without enough fluoride, your teeth are at risk for decay. If you’re not sure how much fluoride you need, Dr. Lida M. Vargas can help you.

Use mouthwash
It’s easy to brush and floss, but how often do you use mouthwash? Chances are, probably not often enough. Mouthwash is a great way to rid your mouth of more bacteria and keep your breath fresh and pleasant all day long.

Stopping tooth decay is entirely possible, as long as you’re willing to do a few simple things on a daily basis. If you have any questions about tooth decay, don’t hesitate to call us today at 703-385-3800.

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