Oral Health Care Plans: Endodontics

If for any reason you suffer an oral accident or injury, or any part of your tooth becomes exposed to dental damage, it is important to make sure that it is repaired immediately. If not, the inner workings of a tooth can be damaged. If bacteria seep into a tooth and infects the pulp, pulp death may occur. Endodontics can help with treating the pulp of a tooth and tissues within the root. For more information about endodontics, see below:

– Every single year in the United States alone, endodontic treatments are capable of saving millions of teeth. This includes the use of root canal therapy.
– Through the use of a root canal therapy, your teeth can be well protected and sealed to last up to a lifetime of use.
– Endodontic treatments are utilized so that teeth that have been broken or severely damaged may be saved. In many situations where teeth are scheduled for extraction, it may be possible to save them through an endodontic therapy.

If you are ready to see what endodontics can do to enhance your oral health, please come visit Virginia Dental Group at our office in Fairfax, Virginia. Our dentist, Dr. Lida M. Vargas, and our team can be reached at 703-385-3800.

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