Restore a Tooth in a Single Visit With CEREC

If you have developed significant tooth damage that needs to be repaired with a dental restoration, we invite you to consider CEREC dental crowns provided by Dr. Lida M. Vargas. Not only can CEREC technology effective repair tooth damage, it can create beautiful and functional results to restore your smile in as little as one day. We list some of the exciting benefits of CEREC that come from receiving a dental crown with same-day dentistry:

– Your CEREC dental crown is designed and created in the dental lab of our office through advanced technology, eliminating much of the wait to receive a custom crown to repair tooth damage.
– In just one business day, you can receive a full dental crown that avoids the need for an uncomfortable temporary crown.
– CEREC dental crowns are designed to be highly durable so that they can withstand daily use and wear for as long as 10 years. If your crown becomes damaged or lost, you can easily receive a replacement at our office.
– In addition to dental crowns, CEREC technology can create tooth-colored dental fillings in just one visit for a more conservative treatment option.
– A CEREC dental crown can bind together pieces of a tooth that was broken so that it remains strong and functional.

If you are considering receiving CEREC dental crowns in Fairfax, Virginia, we invite you to call Virginia Dental Group at 703-385-3800 today and schedule an appointment with our dentist!

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