Wisdom Teeth Removal 101

What do you know about your wisdom teeth? Do you know why they are recommended for removal in most cases? Our dentists, Drs. Lida Vargas, Santiago Rueda, and Taeheon Kang with Virginia Dental Group in Fairfax, Virginia, are happy to give you a crash course on wisdom teeth removal.

Wisdom teeth typically develop in many people and create an alignment issue among their teeth. Basically, in most cases, wisdom teeth do not have enough space to fit with the other teeth correctly. As a result, the wisdom teeth grow incorrectly or become wedged or cause pain and misalignment issues in your smile. Wisdom teeth are well-known for creating problems to your oral health. Even if they do not bother you when they first appear, they may cause other issues or intense pain down the road.

There are many complications that wisdom teeth can produce, which includes pain, infections, crowding or damaging your other teeth, and severe decay that can arise because they are hard to keep clean. If your health care professional suggests the removal of your wisdom teeth, that is because the removal of them could help your smile healthy and in ideal alignment through the years.

If you need help with your wisdom teeth, please call 703-385-3800 today to make an appointment. Our team is always happy to answer your questions and assist you in any way we can.

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