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When your wisdom teeth erupt, you may quickly see the wisdom in removing those painful teeth fast. Trust an expert dentist like Lida M. Vargas, DDS at Virginia Dental Group PLLC in Fairfax, Virginia, for wisdom teeth removal. Use the online booking tool or phone the office for your wisdom teeth removal appointment now.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Q & A

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are your third set of molars. They're behind your other molars, and are hidden below your gums until your late teens or early 20s in most cases. For some men and women, wisdom teeth never erupt at all.

It's fairly common for wisdom teeth to cause pain or other problems in your mouth, and that's why wisdom teeth removal is a common type of oral surgery today.

What problems can wisdom teeth cause?

Wisdom teeth can cause many issues in your mouth, particularly if they become impacted. When your wisdom teeth are impacted, they're trapped in your jawbone or your gums.

Impacted wisdom teeth can put a lot of pressure on your tooth roots, and by extension, your teeth. Even if you can't see your impacted wisdom teeth, they could be causing serious damage in your mouth.

If your wisdom teeth erupt at a less-than-ideal angle, they can push your other teeth forward, eventually causing serious teeth alignment problems.

What is the wisdom teeth removal process like?

Dr. Vargas makes every effort to ensure that your wisdom teeth removal is a comfortable and painless procedure. After administering local anesthesia, they use the latest advanced techniques and procedures to extract your wisdom teeth and place tiny sutures in your gum tissue.

What is recovery after wisdom teeth extraction like?

For the first few days, it's normal to have some swelling and mild bleeding. Dr. Vargas advises you regarding socket care. Usually, this includes a saltwater rinse a few times a day.

Eat a soft diet for the amount of time recommended by your dentist. Usually, this is about three days to a week. When you resume eating your regular diet, be extra careful to avoid chewing on your socket until it’s fully healed.

Dr. Vargas prescribes any medications that you need, which may include antibiotics and pain medication. Be sure to take these medications on time to have the smoothest recovery possible.

Need wisdom teeth removal? Virginia Dental Group is here to help with a smooth and pain-free procedure. Call the office to book now or use the online tool.